BVB Jewel Bellingham cracks CL record of mb

Jude Bellingham broke a record of Kylian MB cape at the 2-1 victory of BVB to the Champions League prelude to Besiktas. There was a lot of praise after the game of a teammate, the Bellingham turned to the shadow this evening.

He's fantastic. He's just 18, three years younger than me, that's crazy, he's fantastic, I can not say more, BVB striker Erling Haaland after the game on Dazn. Even the strongly playing BVB-Keeper Gregor Kobel agreed in Haaland's praise hymns: He is a great boy with a lot of quality and has thrown into each ball.

-Champions League and Europa League 2014 semi-finals all goals- SOREKER456 Bellingham had launched the BVB in Istanbul first and the 2-0 from Haaland is prepared by a strong solo shortly before the break with a strong solo. With his goal to 1: 0, the English national player also carried out by the way in the record books of the royal class.

At the age of 18 and 78 days, he is now the most recent player who could achieve a goal in two consecutive missions. As a reminder, before his goal against Besiktas, Bellingham initially launched the BVB in the past CL season when leaving Manschester City in the quarterfinals.

Bellingham improved the brand of the previous record holder Kylian Mbappe, which was in 2017 for the AS Monaco 18 years and 85 days old when he succeeded in one goal in two cl games in series.

BVB beats Besiktas: The votes to game

Jude Bellingham (scorer Borussia Dortmund): It was a brilliant atmosphere. The game was a bit like basketball, it went back and forth, but we were a bit excavated at the end. Erling Haaland (scorer Borussia Dortmund): It was very hard. I'm really tired now, the place was not good too. It was a hard piece of work. Bellingham is fantastic. He's just 18, three Years younger than me. That's crazy. He's fantastic, I can not say more. Sebastian Kehl (BVB License Player Manager): It was really loud. We are lived in Dortmund a lot, but today it was only half there and the whistle was so loud. Nevertheless, I prefer to play in Dortmund. I think it's Was a deserved victory we had to do a much earlier a third or fourth goal. Until the end we stood at the back without conceding, we also wanted to improve that. Mats Hummels was simply flat, but it's nothing worse with the patella-see. Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): We have won the third game in a row and have also mastered the really difficult task here. We had difficult phases and nevertheless deserved. In the oppression we were basically good, had to be good Browse the diamond to 4-2-3-1 and from there we had the game very well under control. Out of the back, we make the game obligatory again, yet we are very glad that we have won. Gregor Kobel (Borussia Dortmund): I believe in the beginning it was hard to get in. But after that we have made ahead and won more control over the game. I believe in so long time without fans is this atmosphere again Special, but we have done that great today. Jude Bellingham is a great boy with a lot of quality and has come into every ball.

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