With Reus and Haaland against sporting? Kehl: It gets tight

Without Erling Haaland and Marco Reus, without Julian Brandt and Giovanni Reyna, Borussia Dortmund lacked the offensive power in Saturday-top game at Borussia Mönchengladbach. If four such top players are missing, then this is not to compensate for no club. Of course, we missed us against Mönchengladbach the necessary door danger and breakdown force, located license player Sebastian Kehl.

If four such top players are missing, then this is not to compensate for no club.

Sebastian Kehl

The gaze goes to Tuesday when the BVB receives in the Champions League Sporting Lisbon (21 clock, live! At Erling Haaland). On Sunday, three of the four failures of Saturday were back on the square, excluded is the use of Haaland and Reus not. We have to wait, says Kehl and says, Both have injured themselves on Friday in the training, we will still need tomorrow. It will be tight in both, but we have hope.

Brandt already partially back in team training

Sometimes it looks even better in Brandt, who in contrast to Reus and Haaland completed parts of the team training. Even with the midfielder who has been lacking in Besiktas for a muscle injury since the game, there is hope near Kehl and Co.: That looked quite good. Maybe he s a way for the squad against sporting.

Otherwise, as on Saturday, other actors have to try to compensate for failures. Yousoufa Moukoko has completely deserved the chance from the beginning to play, as well as everyone else that came in. We need all guys in the squad. How we start Personnel on Tuesday will also be dependent on tactical formation.