AJAX - BVB 4: 0 | Dortmund concedes record

Dortmund (/ Dɔʁtmʊnt /; in Latin: Tremonia; Germany Bottom: Düörpm; in former French: Tremoigne) is a German city located in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia east of the Ruhr basin. Its population (603,609 inhabitants at December 31, 2019) actually one of the largest cities in the region, the eighth largest city in Germany and the 34th of the European Union. Founded around 882, Dortmund has become an imperial free city. Throughout the 13th and 14th centuries, it was the chief town of the Rhine, Westphalia, the Dutch Circle of the Hanseatic League. After the war of thirty years, the city was destroyed and lost its importance until the beginning of industrialization. The city has then become one of the most important German centers of coal, steel and beer. Dortmund has therefore been one of the most heavily bombed cities in Germany during the Second World War. The devastating bombings of March 12, 1945 destroyed 98% of the city center buildings. These bombardment raids, with more than 1,110 aircraft, hold the record of a single target during the Second World War. The region has adapted since the collapse of its centennial steel and coal industries and turned to high-tech biomedical technology, microsystem technology and services. In 2009, Dortmund was ranked city node in the innovation cities index published by 2thinknow and is the most durable and digital city in Germany. Dortmund houses many cultural and educational institutions, including the Technical University of Dortmund and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, the International School of Management and other educational, cultural and administrative establishments with more than 49,000 Students, many museums, such as the Museum am Ostwall, the Museum of Art and Cultural History, the German Football Museum, as well as theaters and music rooms like Konzerthaus or the Opera of Dortmund. Dortmund is also known as the Westphalia s green metropolis , nearly half of the municipal territory consisting of navigable, wood, agricultural area and green spaces among which vast parks such as the WestfalenPark (de) or Rombergpark (DE) . This peculiarity contrasts with mining and steel industry carried out in the region for nearly a century. The city is on the Emscher River, tributary of the rhine running south of the city. The Dortmund-EMS Canal connects to the North Sea The Port of Dortmund (DE), which is the largest port in Europe located on a canal. This city is also the seat of the famous Borussia Dortmund football club.

When the smoke was warped, the BVB was in needed - and did not come back. After both fan bearings had burned into the relevant blocks Bengalic fire, deep swaths lay over the place in the early minutes. In this phase Dortmund began appealing, but with a clear view, only Ajax kept the view. The Netherlands overturned again and again with ease the Dortmund Pressing, already in the 9th minute Hummels had to block a shot of the completely freestanding Antony.

Shortly thereafter, the BVB center defendant against the dynamic Brazilian had looked at him, could only stop him with a foul on penetration into the penalty area. The following free-kick from Tadic extended reus unhappy to its own goal (11th) - the beginning of a raven-black first half for the BVB. Coach Marco Rose had brought against Mainz Witsel for CAN after 3: 1 and converted from 4-3-3 to a 4-4-2 with rhombus. His plan did not seem to go upset. Dortmund taught himself in uncoordinated pressing, came to no time in the two-fight and lost their own balls already in midfield.

Blind increases for Ajax - Dortmund from the role

Quite different Ajax. Coach Erik Ten Hag had a somewhat surprising after 2-0 in Heerenveen, among other things, the ex-Bremer clasps set to the bank and offensome Antony situated. A direct hit. The Brazilian did not behave Dortmund at all, Ajax showed enormously playful and purposeful - and earned on 2: 0: Haller laid on the penalty area for blind, the cobel from almost 20 meters with a stuffed shot in the left corner (25.) .

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - Ajax Amsterdam vs. Borussia Dortmund - HIGHLIGHTS

A wake up call for black-yellow? On the contrary. The superiority of Ajax was even more clear, with lightning fast combinations, the Dutchman played the defensive completely overwhelmed Bundesliga-second rule-dizzy, giving more opportunities through Berghuis (29.), Haller and Mazraoui (32.) and Gravenberch (38 .) But unused.

In addition, the BVB had a little luck that a tricky duel of Akanji against Haller was not punished with penalty (44.). The first own chance had Dortmund only in the first half of the first half, when Haaland fails after a beautiful pass from painting on Ajax-Keeper Pasveer (45. + 1) - with the 0: 2 at halftime the BVB was still well served.

BVB without any access: Antony sets 3: 0

Rose responded to the break and replaced the links overwhelmed Schulz by Can. Dentmund was not really more stable, Kobel had to prevent the 3-0 right again against Gravenberch (49.). Right in front of it, however, the BVB also had a major chance for a superior Hummels-Ball even, Haalands volley shot steered Pasveer glossy to the lath (48.).

However, an initial ignition was not that, the Borussia did not receive any access at all and did not get the AJAX right outside Antony partout with CAN instead of Schulz. The light-footed Brazilian punished that with a fine Schlenzer into the long corner for a total of completely deserved 3: 0 (57.) - The BVB defense was only carried out.

Haller heads the final score

Only now Ajax slowly took the foot of the accelerator pedal, but at the black and yellow did not even have Haaland on normal form, the Norwegian awarded a good chance of Pasveer (67th). Instead, it became even bitter for a defensive dilettantic BVB: blind flanked on Haller, who headed the 4: 0 (72nd). And for the Westphalia it could even have become clearer, but Haller and neres awarded a huge double chance to the 5: 0 (78.).

But even without another goal, this BVB performance is likely to provide great discussions in the coming days. Already on Saturday (15.30 clock) Dortmund must operate in the Bundesliga in Bielefeld reparation. In Group C, Ajax moved away three points ahead of Dortmund and, for the Dutch it goes until Sunday (16:45) in the league with the big match against PSV Eindhoven on. The return match in Dortmund rises on 3 November.